Babydecke / baby blanket

When the new year started I began a baby blanket for my granddaughter –> lil‘ miss.


Mainly I used fantastic merino yarn by Debbie Bliss Rialto DK – I got to my birthday last year – and some other stuff …  Kalli loved it …

First I also crocheted with pink cotton yarn, but my daughter didn’t like it – so I had to change that –>


The great turquoise yarn is cotton stash too, I couldn’t buy  it in merino.


The flower and some rounds are in light blue alpaka stash.

My inspiration and the tutorial I found at lookwhatimade by Dedri What a great blog!


The blanket of our lil‘ miss is almost 80 x 80 cm, it’s weight nearly 500 g. At the picture you can see the rest of the yarns after finishing the rounds. I was a bit nervous about it …


Do you like it?  I go to Linda.