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Letztes Jahr begann ich eine Decke: Babette. Später kamen viele Dinge dazwischen, jetzt jedoch habe ich sie wieder hervorgekramt. Last year I began a blanket: Babette. Later on I had some other projects,… Weiterlesen

One a Day Project – Tuesday Tallies (4) Babettes Blanket

In English  / In Deutsch  Hello everybody, Hallo allerseits, today I have only some minutes for writing because I start to work again after an eight month’s break. I’m lucky but very busy… Weiterlesen

One a Day Project – Tuesday Tallies (3)

In Deutsch unten Although we did a lot of work in our new (old) house I found a little time to hook some squares. Now they are 34. Obwohl wir letzte Woche eine… Weiterlesen

One a Day Project – Tuesday’s Tallies (2)

In Deutsch unten Last week I started a new blanket like Babettes. First I used many colours but then I decided to take only blue, green, brown shades of colour and a light… Weiterlesen

One a Day Project – Tuesday’s Tallies

In Deutsch unten Two weeks ago I random saw this unbelievable side:  The Worlds Best Babettes Blankets and I loved these blankets immediately. They reminded me of paintings of  Hundertwasser . I love… Weiterlesen