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Ta Dah: A Hat

Last week I crocheted a hat suitable for the poncho I did some weeks before. I was inspired by Regula and a very easy pattern she found.  Letzte Woche häkelte ich einen passenden… Weiterlesen

2x Ta Dah

This week I can tell you about two finished projects. My gift is on the way and my older daughter finished a painting for her oldest friend, which she will give away for… Weiterlesen

It’s Tuesday – a poncho

In English / In Deutsch Today once again a sign of life from me. Last week we had at school project days, they were really great, but we had not so much time… Weiterlesen

TT (14) Ta Dah – Eine Schildkröte / A Turtle

In English / In Deutsch Today I gave away my turtle. My friend wanted it for her 2 years old daughter. She liked it very much, I hope, her daughter too … Heute… Weiterlesen

OaDP – TT (13) Schildkröte / Turtle

In English / In Deutsch It’s already Tuesday and the day almost already is gone. I’m lucky, that my younger daughter is coming home for this week. Since two days our family is… Weiterlesen

One a Day Project – Tuesday’s Tallies (11)

In English / In Deutsch Today I had a very good day. But were is the time? My job is exausting, but I love it to teach the children and to see: yes,… Weiterlesen

Tuesday’s Tallies (10)

In English / In Deutsch Last week I finished my shawl. Meanwhile we live in our new home. I enjoy to use the big garden, for example for washed clothes. My basket for… Weiterlesen

One a Day Project – Tuesday’s Tallies (9) Ta Dah!

In English / In Deutsch Hello everybody,     Hallo alle zusammen, last week I wanted too hook two rows more at my shawl, perhaps a border and Istarted in fact: letzte Woche wollte ich… Weiterlesen

One a Day Project – Tuesday Tallies (4) Babettes Blanket

In English  / In Deutsch  Hello everybody, Hallo allerseits, today I have only some minutes for writing because I start to work again after an eight month’s break. I’m lucky but very busy… Weiterlesen